Egebakken Global Warming Foundation is a danish foundation, created in January 2018. We’re working to find an international solution on the problem about global warming, and how we can reduce the increase and melting of the North- and Southpole. Together with many other international organizations and foundations, we’re working. We think it’s importing to look out for the global warming. Our headquarter is in Aarhus, Denmark, but our employers are spread all over the world. With our head partnership, FN, are we trying to make a difference and to stop the climate changes from getting worse.

Egebakken G.W


Our mission is to could create one international solution on the big problem about global warming, and to try and stop the increasing of the warming. We will try to stop the big exclusions of co2 and other greenhouse gases, by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. We want to make the world more "green" and eco-friendly.


As Egebakken Global Warming is a foundation, we also have a donation site. To could accomplish our missions, we need help. Every single coin would count. You can help us by donating to us. The money will go to resources and scientific work. 

Leave us a message down below, and we will reply asap!


This is a danish foundation, if you’re an international group, foundation etc. that wants to work with us, please contact us for more information and for more details.

-Director of Egebakken G.W



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